Black Lives Matter

Skateparks are havens for friendship and diversity. Locals enjoy the grand opening of the WLCAC Skatepark in Watts, California (2005 Grant recipient). (Photo: Miki Vuckovich)

Black Lives Matter. The Skatepark Project stands with protestors in opposition to the brutality committed against black Americans by police and to the historic systemic and institutional racism inflicted on black communities across the U.S. Our organization is also reviewing its internal policies on staffing, governance, and grant funding to ensure we are doing everything we can to address the social and economic imbalance by bringing quality public skateparks to youth in black communities and other underserved areas. Since 2002 The Skatepark Project (formerly the Tony Hawk Foundation) has been helping create safe and inclusive spaces where kids can be active and connected. Skateboarding and skateparks bring people of every background together—skateparks are havens of racial diversity, where youth connect through the sport they love. The critical role that skateparks serve has never been so clear, and our organization is committed to bringing new skateparks to the communities that need them most.

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