Built To Play Skatepark Grant Application

Your complete grant application consists of two parts. The online questionnaire is the first part. The second is your supplemental packet containing digital copies of your supporting documents. All supporting documents—the grant application supplemental packet—must be emailed no later than the day after the application window closes. Please email the supplemental packet to:

Subject line: “(City Name), (State) Supplemental Packet)”

Your supporting document packet should include:

  • IRS Determination Letter
  • Government Approval
  • Financial Statements
  • Community Support
  • Concept Design (optional)

Further instructions regarding these items follow the Application below.

In order to consider your skatepark project for a Built to Play grant, it is important that you present the most accurate, up-to-date information.

If this application is coming from a non-profit organization other than a municipality, a copy of your IRS Determination Letter indicating your non-profit status MUST be submitted with the supplemental packet. The Applicant must itself be a public agency or a federally registered non-profit organization and must be the organization listed on the IRS Determination Letter.


  1. All questions must be answered and completed to the best of your ability. We recognize that applicants will be in different stages of the skatepark development process and you may not be able to answer every question directly. It is important that you do respond to the best of your ability (for example, if you have not already hired a professional designer, discuss how you will go about choosing a designer, and which firms, if any, you are considering).
  2. If you find that you are unable to provide most of the information requested, it is in your best interest to not submit an application until you can do so. If you have not yet raised ANY funds, it is also in your best interest to do so before applying for a grant from The Skatepark Project. If you are unsure if you are prepared to apply for a grant from The Skatepark Project, please contact us with your questions.
  3. While not all supporting documents are required, the more thorough your application, the better we can assess your project’s eligibility for a Grant Award. Building a skatepark is a difficult task and we use the requested information to help determine which groups are not only committed but have the support necessary to see the project through to completion. We view your thoroughness in applying for a grant from The Skatepark Project as a reflection of your organization’s capabilities in seeking funds elsewhere.
  4. If the skatepark is part of a larger park project, please limit your budgetary answers to only the skatepark portion of that larger project. If the skatepark will be built in phases, please limit your design and budgetary answers to the phase that you intend to build in the immediate stage. Do not include budgetary information and designs for phases of the project that are not currently being pursued, or financial information for the larger park development.

NOTE: Should your project be awarded a grant from the The Skatepark Project, you will be required to provide status reports on your skatepark project on a regular basis.

You can pre-register your application. Pre-registration is not required, but it will ensure we have your information if needed.

If you have questions about the application or the grant process, please contact us.

The Skatepark Project Grant Application is available from December 15th, 2020 to January 27th, 2021.

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