Episode 35 – How It Happened: Pine Ridge with Walt Pourier

On this episode we connect with Walt Pourier from Stronghold Society and hear the story of the Pine Ridge Skatepark. One of the more impactful and resonant skatepark projects in history, listen in to understand how this skatepark affected the Oglala Lakota tribe on the Pine Ridge Reservation and the skateboarding world as a whole.

Learn more about Walt, the Stronghold Society and Pine Ridge using the links below:

Levi’s / TWS Pine Ridge (4 min) https://youtu.be/DN98eObkFCQ   RedBull’s Skate Life (10 min) https://youtu.be/SYRINJZZqWU   Stronghold Society http://strongholdsociety.org/   Wounded Knee Skateboards http://www.woundedkneeskateboards.net/

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