Statement of support for the AAPI Community

The Skatepark Project stands in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community in opposition to racially motivated violence and hate speech. There’s no place in society, or the local skatepark, for divisive rhetoric, hate speech or violence of any kind. Recent targeted attacks, like the senseless assault on a Korean American woman at the Tustin Legacy Skatepark, have underscored the immediate need for greater compassion and support on both the national and local scale. We support efforts by the Orange County Justice Initiative to create events that foster further community stewardship, compassion and right action in support of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and all people encountering bigotry and hate.

We applaud all those that stand up for their fellow human at the public skatepark. Those that speak up in the interest of public safety when they see behavior that doesn’t seem right. Those that actively foster an environment of support, inclusion and common humanity.  This is using a skatepark right, and we thank you for speaking up on behalf of your fellow skaters.

Since 2002 The Skatepark Project has been helping create safe and inclusive spaces where kids can be active, learn and grow. Skateboarding and skateparks bring people of every background together—they are havens of racial diversity, where youth connect through the sport they love. The critical role that skateparks serve has never been so clear. The Skatepark Project is committed to bringing new skateparks to the communities that need them most, and to the promotion of equality, safety, community and harmony.

Recently, TSP staff joined a local event at the Tustin Skatepark to help reset the tone and support our fellow skaters. Here’s a message from Jenna Dupuy, skater and survivor of one of the attacks: