TSP Can Help!

The Skatepark Project is helping communities with their public skateparks every day.

We provide a host of support services for communities pursuing their next skatepark project. All of The Skatepark Project’s support services are available at no cost to qualifying public skatepark projects.

To receive technical support from TSP, your project must aim for the following conditions:

Public skatepark
Free to visit and use
Concrete and permanent
Easy to walk to
Created by skatepark specialty firms

If this describes the skatepark you are pursuing, TSP can support your eligible project in three critical ways.

1. Consultation

The Skatepark Project staff are able to answer your skatepark-development questions, provide feedback on developmental strategies and concepts, provide national and regional data, and introduce your project team to other teams with relevant experience. Project leaders can learn more about TSP’s consultation services by contacting us on our Connect page.

2. Validation

TSP will publicly recognize and applaud your eligible project, and be your national ally in addressing size, location, and funding concerns. Enterprising advocates will find most of this documentation at TSP’s resource site, https://publicskateparkguide.org/contents/.

3. Grant Funding

Eligible public skatepark projects in the United States may qualify for a TSP grant. These grants are designated for construction costs and often draw some national attention; they are typically used to attract other institutional donors to the skatepark project and help accelerate funding efforts. More information about TSP’s grant program can be found here.


While we love to hear from everyone, we may not have time to respond to every message.
If you are requesting help from TSP, please be as specific as you can.
TSP does not design or build skateparks. 
TSP encourages you to look for solutions locally through direct engagement and community action.

If you want to launch your public skatepark project like a pro, we recommend that you take a look at the Getting Started page at PublicSkateparkGuide.org.

If you are unfamiliar with the process and stages of skatepark development, we recommend that you take a look at this Skatepark Development Overview.

Tell us why skateparks are important to you!