Launching September 2022, The Skatepark Project’s (TSP) Fellowship Program is a 12- month, two-phase advocacy training and project design opportunity for BIPOC people aged 18 to 24. Through virtual training, mentorship, and educational resources, TSP aims to build more knowledgeable, diverse and equipped skatepark advocates, designers and programmers.

By creating more skateparks in under-resourced communities youth are provided access to free play, healthy outdoor recreation and community engagement. As we have seen over the past 20 years, there’s a need for more safe and inclusive public recreation spaces across underserved and low-income communities, which are too often communities of color. The Fellowship Program is designed as a training pathway to empower more BIPOC advocates, teach resilience and civic engagement, and foster creativity for those who are as passionate about skateparks as we are. The Fellows are the next generation of skatepark advocates and leaders working to increase access to inclusive skateparks from within the community.

program description
After successful matriculation through phase one of the Fellowship Program, we hope to have encouraged the growth of  12 new community skatepark advocates. The 12 Fellows will collectively make up TSP’s Fellowship Cohort. 
Phase one of the program will focus on the Cohort’s engaged training initiative and each Fellow will have an opportunity to ideate, draft and decide on a community focused design project, that at the end of the six-month phase will be presented, evaluated and awarded for production support by the review committee. In phase two of the program, each Fellow will be awarded a development grant, ranging from $10,000 to $15,000, to be used toward building any of the following: 
      • New Skatepark Construction
      • New Skate Spot Construction 
      • Skateable Art Sculptures
      • Permission DIY Skatepark Construction
      • Active City Space Conversion (i.e.: legalizing skateboarding in shared public spaces)
      • Accessibility Improvements / Repairs to Existing Skateparks
      • Annual Skate Programming in Partnership with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) 

The Ideal Candidate cares about the development of skateparks, skate-able spaces and is passionate about creating safe and inclusive public spaces for outdoor recreation. Although skate and design experience are not required, we welcome those studying engineering, computer science, sports science or any related field.

Phase I
  • • BIPOC Identified
  • • 18-24 Years-Old
  • • Submit Application
  • • Successful Completion of Advocacy Training (virtual)
Phase II
  • • Completed Design Concept for Grant Award Application (virtual)
  • • Pre and Post Assessments (virtual)
  • • Availability for In Person Connection/Travel (September 2022 – February 2023)

• Training + Education
• Resources
• Professional Development
• Personalized Mentorship
• Access to Industry Experts (skatepark designers, community organizers and more)
• Technical Support
• Bi-weekly Group Meetings
• Monetary Support + Monthly Stipend

Applications for the 2022-23 Fellowship Program are now closed. 
This is an annual program so please check back for details on our next round.  If you have questions, please reach out to and be sure to follow us on social media for more updates!