Introducing Our 2022-23 Fellowship Cohort: Youth Advocates Shaping Skatepark Advocacy and Community Development

In January of 2022 we brought our inaugural group of fellows together to see the TSP offices and learn from skate park advocates and industry professions. 

Listen to learn about them and their process in applying for the program. 

The Fellowship Program is a one year fast track program designed for youth advocates to learn about the elements of skatepark advocacy, programming and community development. Meet our 2022-23 Fellowship Cohort:

Bilal Ndongo @Schrodingers_nigga

Naira Ikoro @naira.bills

Jazper-Anjali Taur @jzprtheczpr

J. Joseph II @jmakesmovies

Jordan Patterson @jetage

Kemba Brown-Clarke @kembabc

L Brew @lo.snap

Martha Rosario @martho_o

Mehkya Mink @dye.blanks

Ruth Mora @krookedruth

Sara Campos @skatepapi23

Victoria Lara @notvictorialara

Shout out the contributing team hosts Andre @dsnakes and Nicole @childofgenius and production team @alec_beck and @brent_hyden